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Google Ads

Ventuno Digital's paid search ads services are geared towards maximizing return on ad spend. We provide full monitoring as well as funnel-based media tactics that are both transparent and effective, which we can show in our paid media reports. We regularly run tests to customize each PPC campaign for the customer and identify the best-case scenarios that will yield the most profitable results.

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Google Ads Campaign Types

We Love Data

We love data-driven approaches and decisions. We are a team that feeds on science and examines the data we obtain deeply. At Ventuno Digital, behind the beautiful color graphics are statistical models based on data science rather than an excel spreadsheet. We make adjustments to the ads with the little tips we find. These small wins make up a big margin.

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Growth Formula

From initial audits to frequent updates, we'll keep you updated on what's working. So we can go even deeper by exchanging ideas together. If the last point you can reach in your PPC performance is 10, you can only go up to 5 by giving the entire job to an agency. If you appreciate the transparency offered to you, be aware of everything, know what is being done and why, the agency you work with becomes a part of your team. Here is the secret sauce for sustainable growth in PPC.

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