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Social Media Management

We create your brand's communication language and strategy, and produce content accordingly. We intervene at the time of crisis and offer users up-to-date content fed with trends.

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Competitor Analysis

By analyzing your competitors and the industry, we identify projects, campaigns, discounts, deficiencies, your competitors' strengths and opportunities.


We develop your social media strategy in line with the language of communication, the structure of creatives, the channels to be used, target audience, content themes, campaign calendar, content calendar, action plan for possible crises, profile designs, metrics and targets.


In line with the strategy we have developed, we create and publish creatives suitable for your content together with our expert team.


We believe that the power behind brand reputation and customer satisfaction is moderation. At this point, we control the accounts we manage 24/7, respond to positive/negative comments, manage crises, respond to messages from users, and support communication with interactions.


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